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  CGI-Machine for Windows NT and Windows 95

CGI-Machine for Windows NT and Windows 95 is a powerful collection of CGI-Applications for the use on your WWW-Server. They can be used directly on your server or on the web-space your provider manages for you.

Trojan Intermedia
Amselweg 9
D-53859 Niederkassel
Germany - Europe
Telephone +49 172 - 46 14 475
Telefax +49 2208 - 911196
EMail 100273.2313@COMPUSERVE.COM

Visit our own Server with all the actual stuff (possible after 1th of december 97)

The CGI-Machine consits of different fast and modern 32-BIT-applications.
  CGI-Machine - COUNTER


The CGI-Machine-COUNTER is a beautiful 3D-visitor-counter for your web-pages. The counter returns
automatically a GIF-graphic. You can defines different keynames, so it is possible to use one COUNTER-application on your server which can return counter-graphics for any pages you want a counter. This counters saves processor-time of your server.

How to use the CGI-Machine-COUNTER.




Compuserve SWREG

The CGIMachine-EMAILRESONDER can automatically send predefined text-files as an Email to a visitor of you homepage.You can define topics which are connected to the text files. The program uses your HTML-document and adds via a special command the form where the user can choose the topic and defines his E-Mail Adress. The Product consits of two components :
  • the fast CGI-application
  • a comfortable configuration-software where you can define all necessary stuff.

In the shareware-version you can only use 2 topics. But the registered version of the software costs only $29.

  CGI-Machine - DBSEARCH


available end 1997

The CGI-Machine-DBSEARCH is a fast and easy to configure database-search for you web-pages. You have 3 information-fields, one large memo-field for bigger information, a graphic, an Email- and link-connection. The visitor of your homepage can search in your database via a keyword. Found records will be displayed in any html-document you want. Via a comfortable configuration software you can choose in which database-fields the application searchs for the keyword. Further you can choose how the fields displayed in your html-document (color, size, etc ...). So you have the possibility to realize fast and easy database application for your homepage (e.g. product-cataloges , etc ...). The application will be available end 1997. Please visit our web-pages for actual informations.


available end 1997

The CGI-Machine-ODERSYSTEM has all the specifications of the DBSEARCH but an intelligent Ordersystem will be included, where the visitor has allways all ordered products in his overview. The order can be send to an EMail-Account or stored in a database on your Server.The application will be available end 1997. Please visit our web-pages for actual informations.

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